Altered reality(s)

Because sometimes it's more fun to see what happens

3 February 1989
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I'm me...I know that's not much about me, but one of my things is I'm not very good at bios. I love writing, I'm a poet though I do write other things from time to time, though it's rare and thus most multi-chaptered stories take me forever to finish. I love dark romance and fantasy, though not sci-fi fantasy. I have an eating disorder and I'm not a girl, bite me. I'm also in a polyamorous relationship with a few guys and a girl. I'm pansexual like whoa if you couldn't tell.

I live for music, I'm not as mean as I may seem, and I love making friends, so feel free to add me or get in touch with me.

This will be mainly an ED/wah I'm being a depressed little emo journal. If that bothers you, doors to the left kay.